6 Convenient Locations

Corry’s has locations in Ballard, Lake City, Laurelhurst, Madison Park, West Seattle & Edmonds. Or sign up for free pickup & delivery and get 20% off your first month.

Free Pickup & Delivery

Laundry & dry cleaning no longer need to be another checkbox on your weekly to-do list. Automate it with our free pickup & delivery service! 

The prices for dry cleaning & laundry are the same as in stores; there are no minimum order requirements, monthly fees, or delivery charges. Hold or cancel your service at any time.


For pricing or other questions, please call (206) 525-8266, or email info@corryscleaning.com. Start by submitting the form below.

Complete the online form, or call 206-525-8266.

Your personal route driver will contact you to add you to their route, take special requests, and collect payment information.

Leave your dirty items in a disposable bag on your door or porch for your driver to pick up.

On your scheduled delivery date, your items will be returned to your specifications. It’s that easy!

Get Started

Note: Your privacy is very important to us. To better serve you, the form information you enter is recorded in real time.

After you’ve completed the form, your personal route driver will give you a call to explain the service in more detail & to add a payment method on file for your cleaning services. We will also let you know when your first pickup will be. 

Your driver will drop off a free garment bag for you to put your clothes in & a hook for your door, so you don’t even need to be home for service! We are in neighborhoods twice per week (Mon & Thur or Tue & Fri) We will drive by on those days every week to see if you left your bag out for pick up.

Frequently Asked Questions

Corry’s was founded in 1967 in Seattle, and continues to be family owned & operated to this day. When you choose us, you are getting 50+ years of experience and the satisfaction of supporting a longtime Seattle business.

It’s very simple and convenient. Once you’ve signed up, we come by your home or office twice a week. Each time, we’ll pick up your dirty laundry and/or dry cleaning and deliver your clean items. We’ll provide you with a door hook to return your clean items.

Within one business day of completing the form, you will receive a call from your personal route driver to set up payment and discuss your cleaning needs. Your credit card is charged each time your clean clothes are delivered to you. We accept all major credit cards.

The prices for dry cleaning & laundry are the same as in stores; there are no minimum order requirements, monthly fees, or delivery charges. Hold or cancel your service at any time. For a detailed explanation of our prices, click here.

You and your personal route driver will agree where the best location will be for placement (a hook) in the front or back door area. Some customers provide the code to the garage or house. 

During sign up, you will work with your driver to find the ideal time for you. The usual time is 8am-5pm, unless there is inclement weather.

For your first pick up, you can use an existing garment bag, hamper or even a trash bag. Your driver will transfer the items to a custom bag and leave another with you for your next visit. From that point on, you will use your custom Corry’s bags.

Our goal at Corry’s is to be your go-to laundry and dry cleaning provider so that you can permanently check laundry off your to-do list. We offer the following services for our customers:

Dry Cleaning: If you have a delicate garment or item you’d like cleaned, dry cleaning is almost always the way to go. Since 1967, Corry’s has offered the Seattle area top-notch dry cleaning at affordable prices.

Wash & Fold Laundry: All laundry is washed and dried in high efficiency machines using high quality detergents and softeners. Every garment you send to Corry’s is cleaned, dried and folded in Seattle.

Bedding: Keeping your sheets, blankets and comforters clean is essential. Once a week, strip your bedding off and put it into a Corry’s garment bag and allow our free pickup and delivery service to do the rest.

Banquet Linens & Tablecloths: We’ll clean your table linens using state-of-the-art equipment. In preparation for holiday parties, weddings, and events, bring in tablecloths, linen napkins, chair covers, placemats, and table runners to be professionally cleaned & pressed.

Wedding Dress Cleaning & Preservation: Your gown will be expertly cleaned with equipment designed and programmed specifically for wedding gowns. Further, your gown will be carefully examined and pre-spotted to ensure that every spot and stain is properly treated.

Alterations: Our custom sewing and alterations team can handle any alterations you need done, including size alterations, patches and seams, zipper repair, fixing holes, etc.

Most of our customers don’t see their driver because they are at work. It is common for our drivers to get a gratuity near the holidays in December. Keep in mind this is not required, but it is very appreciated for their hard work in all weather all year.

Your driver will stop by to pick up your garments twice a week on a set schedule. For example, if your days are Tuesday and Friday, any items picked up Tuesday would be finished and returned to your door on Friday.

Note: Some specialty items such as large home goods, alterations & repairs, leathers, fur, and items requiring extra attention will take longer than the next visit to be returned.

Most of our customers are busy people and don’t have time to wait around for us. You do not have to be home for delivery.

Most customers call, text or email their driver and tell them the dates they will be gone to ensure no delivery is made in their absence.

We ask that you put your bag out by 8 a.m. That is when our Corry’s team members leave the store, typically arriving at their first stop shortly thereafter.

Communicate with your driver or write a note and attach it to the item. Your clothes/items are carefully reviewed after arriving at the store. A Corry’s team member will contact you if there is an issue.

Many customers will unknowingly leave their valuables (wallet, cash, credit cards, ID) in their garments. When this happens, we need to contact the customer ASAP. In addition, Corry’s often contacts the customer if there is a special garment care situation that arises.

Unlike other laundry services and dry cleaners, Corry’s does not require order minimums.

Corry’s sends out holiday schedules in advance, so pickup and delivery dates are clear and expected.

Your garments are taken directly to our state of the art facility in Seattle (4640 Union Bay Place NE, near University Village) where they are checked in and tracked from start to finish.

None at all. Our pickup & delivery service has always been free and will always remain that way.

Depending on the item, it will be neatly folded, pressed on a hanger, or boxed. We offer reusable garment bags.