frequently asked questions

Pricing your garment is done after it has been carefully inspected by our staff, because we need to read the care labels to determine the proper cleaning method recommended for the garment, examine the fabric content, and any other specifications of your item; so we can accurately price and properly clean your garment. If you would like to know pricing before you leave your garments, please ask our knowledgeable staff to provide you with an estimated quote.

Our prices are competitive with other premium, environmentally friendly cleaners in our area and we offer additional value by not charging extra for same day service, pickup & delivery service, stain removal, button repairs, special packaging, & more!

Your driver will stop by to pick up your garments twice a week on a set schedule. For example, if your days are Tuesday and Friday, any items picked up Tuesday would be finished and returned to your door on Friday.

Note: Some specialty items such as large home goods, alterations & repairs, leathers, fur, and items requiring extra attention will take longer than the next visit to be returned.

Our goal at Corry’s is to be your go-to laundry and dry cleaning provider so that you can permanently check laundry off your to-do list. We offer the following services for our customers with complimentary pickup & delivery:

‣ Dry Cleaning

‣ Wash & Fold Laundry

‣ Bedding: 

‣ Banquet Linens & Tablecloths

‣ Wedding Dress Cleaning & Preservation

‣ Alterations

Corry’s was founded in 1967 in Seattle, and continues to be family owned & operated to this day. When you choose us, you are getting 50+ years of experience and the satisfaction of supporting a longtime Seattle business.

Within one business day of completing the form, you will receive a call from your personal route driver to set up payment and discuss your cleaning needs. Your credit card is charged each time your clean clothes are delivered to you. We accept all major credit cards.

Most customers call, text or email their driver and tell them the dates they will be gone to ensure no delivery is made in their absence.

You and your personal route driver will agree where the best location will be for placement (a hook) in the front or back door area. Some customers provide the code to the garage or house.

During sign up, you will work with your driver to find the ideal time for you. The usual time is 8am-5pm, unless there is inclement weather.