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Apparel, Wedding Gown Cleaning and Alterations

Apparel Cleaning

“Whiter Whites Brighter Brights”

Corry’s Fine Dry CleaningFrom formal, fancy, to casual comfort you deserve to have all your clothes looking their best. At Corry’s Fine Dry Cleaning, our experienced staff will treat you and your clothes with the best care. Our toxin free cleaning has been rated 5 stars. Good for your clothes, good for the environment.

Every garment we clean goes through an extensive pre and post cleaning inspection making sure your garment gets the best cleaning and care from start to finish.

Available Services

  • Alterations.
  • Leather cleaning and conditioning.
  • Odor removal.
  • Same-day service available M-F at select locations.
  • Shirts on hanger or folded.

Corry’s Fine Dry Cleaning

Wedding Gown Cleaning & Preservation

Expert Cleaning

Your gown will be expertly cleaned with equipment designed and programmed specifically for wedding gowns. Further, your gown will be carefully examined and pre-spotted to ensure that every spot and stain is properly treated.

Corry’s Fine Dry Cleaning

Restoration Experts

Heirloom garments which have yellowed and have become discolored after extended storage can be restored by our restoration cleaning experts. This process requires up to several weeks to restore the garment to its original color and brightness. Bring your garment in for a professional evaluation by our experts.

Crystal Clear & Environmentally Safe Solution

At Corry’s we firmly believe in using a non-toxic and safe cleaning process. We will get your keepsakes looking their best.

Professional Finishing

Your gown will receive attention to all the important details during the ‘finishing’. Your gown is processed on state of the art equipment by expert fully trained personnel to restore your gown to look just like new.

Long-Term Preservation

Boxing and preservation are available for garments which are intended for long term storage. Acid free boxes, paper, and packaging are used to assure that your garment will be kept in excellent condition for posterity.

Exclusive Sugar Stain Treatment

Champagne stains and other ‘invisible’ stains are very difficult to discover, because they are not visible when the spill dries. These spills only become visible after aging and then are difficult to remove and may be permanent. Corry’s Fine Dry Cleaning offers an exclusive sugar stain treatment. We guarantee that these invisible spills will not become stained or yellowed after aging. This exclusive process ensures that yellow discoloration will not happen. This extra process is available upon request for an additional charge.

America’s Award Winning Fabricare Plant

Corry’s Fine Dry Cleaning is a National Award Winning Fabricare Plant. We have been chosen by a national panel as the most outstanding dry cleaning facility in the nation. Take no chances on your important keepsake garment. Take your special occasion garment to Corry’s Fine Dry Cleaning because other than exceptional work.

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